В 1990 г закончила КХУ им.В.И Сурикова.Работы находятся в художественном Музее Красноярска, в частных коллекциях России, США, Великобритании, Франции, Германии, Швейцарии, Китае и Новой Зеландии. 


 Живет и работает в Санкт-Петербурге, Россия.

Член Союза художников России с 2006 года

Член Международной ассоциации Des ARTS Plastiques-МАА АИАП Юнеско


Angelika lives and works in St. Petersburg,Russia.

Member of the Union of ARTS of Russia since 2006

Member of International Association of ART

Association Internationale Des ARTS Plastiques-IAA AIAP Unesco



Angelica  was born in a small city called "Uzlovaja" in a Tula region of Russia. Soon after her birth her parents moved to Siberia, where her father found work. Angelica remembers how she, a tiny girl at that time, saw for the first time unusual clouds she had never seen before - shaped like horses and elephants, color of leaves under their feet, strange birds and trees. Everything was new to her, and she used to sit hours and hours at the window, looking at the street, then quietly drawing and painting what she saw in her diary. She soon found out that people's faces differ when they have different emotions, and her diary began to reflect the many moods of her mom and dad, and other people she noticed when they didn't know anyone was looking at them. 

Soon everyone began to understand Angelica's talent and her parents took her to the Special School for Gifted in Arts children in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. To her luck, Angelica met two teachers, husband and wife Nikulin, who recognized her talent and helped her to nurture and develop it, without breaking her natural abilities. They were teaching her to see the beauty of the world, and to depict it not realistically (like in a photograph), but through her own feelings and vision. 


In 1990 Angelica graduated from the Art College in Krasnoyarsk, the Department of Fine Art and Education. She taught at the art school, then worked as an assistant curator at the local art museum. During 1995-2000 she created a course study for elementary schools called "Art: the very beginning". The course then was published by the State School Board as a monography, and is now used as a base for art studies at the elementary schools in Siberia. Angelica's works are in permanent collection of the Museum of the Modern Art of Divnogorsk. 


She has been awarded and received diplomas for: 1999 - diploma as a finalist in the juried exhibition "375 years of Krasnoyarsk" 2000 - commendation letter for important contribution to the development of art in Siberia, given by the Artists Union of Russia 2001 - diploma as a finalist at the juried exhibition "160 years of the SberBank of Russia" 2002 - second place "Small Monmartre of Bitola" at the juried exhibition in Bitola, Macedonia 2003 - diploma as a finalist at the juried exhibition "Siberian Vernisage" 2003 - diploma as a teacher who taught award winning students at the 11 th Annual International Art Kids Competition "Always green, always blue", Turin, Poland 


In 2005 award as a finalist of the Krasnoyarsk Poster Competition In addition, Angelica has received numerous commendations and awards for her input as a teacher of art from The Department of Culture of Krasnoyarsk, and Art & Culture Museum of Krasnoyarsk. Her paintings are in several museums, and in private collections in Russia, USA,UK,Israel, Germany, and China. 



 2020 C Anthony Gallery, Colorado, USA

2020 Sienna Fine Art Gallery, FL, USA

2019 Claremont Modern ART Gallery, Sevenoaks, UK

2018 -2020 Platinum Living Fine Art Gallery, USA

2018 Elena Fine Art Gallery, USA

2017 Central Exhibition Hall "Manege"85 years of the Union of Russian Artists,Saint-Petersburg.

2016 Artist's House,Saint-Petersburg,

2016 Sienna Fine Art Gallery,USA,FL

2015 Platinum Living Fine Art Gallery, USA, Noblesville

2015 Claremont Modern ART Gallery, Sevenoaks, UK

2014 Art Fair Liverpool, London,UK

2014 Aberdeen Art Fire,Scotland,UK

2014 Hillier Art Gallery, Stratford, UK

2013 Chelsea ART FAIR, London, UK

2012 Hillier Art Gallery, Stratford, UK

2011 Claremont Modern ART Gallery, Sevenoaks,UK

2010 Claremont Modern ART Gallery, Sevenoaks,UK

2009 Lotton Gallery, Chicago,USA

2008 Hilligoss Gallery  Chicago,USA

2008 Portland Classic Gallery, Portland,USA

2009 Trowbridge-Lewis Gallery ,USA

2009 Du Soleil Art Gallery,Naples, Florida,USA

2008 Willow Gallery, Scottcdale, USA

2008 Horizon Fine Art Gallery,USA

2006 Du Soleil Art Gallery,Naples, Florida,USA

2006 New Century Art Gallery, Moscow

2005 Artists of Siberia,Art Gallery, Berlin

2004 The State Duma, Moscow.

2004 Art Museum","70 years of the Krasnoyarsk Territory,Siberia

2004 Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

2004  "Viola Art Gallery» Novosibirsk, Siberia

2004 Ermakovsk Art Museum,Siberia

2004  Surikov Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

2004 The State Duma, Moscow.

2003 Regional exhibition, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

2003 Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk-Irkutsk-Tomsk, Siberia

2003 Solo exhibition, Hingan Art Gallery, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

2004 Solo exhibition "... and Dream and Reality ...." Shepelevich`s Art School  .

2003 Regional exhibition, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

2002 Regional exhibition of young artist, Divnogorsk.

2002 Solo Exhibition Art salon "Diana", Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

2002 Regional Exhibition of Young Artists, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

2002 Central House of Artists,Moscow.

2002 National Show "Faith without works is dead",Academy of Fine Arts, Krasnoyrsk, Siberia

2002 Regional Exhibition, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

2002 Regional Exhibition of young artists, Divnogorsk, Siberia

2002 Solo Exhibition Salon "Diana" ,Krasnoyarsk.Siberia

2001Exhibition Hall Union of Artists,Regional Exhibition of Young Artists .Krasnoyarsk,Siberia

2001 Art Museum, Divnogorsk,Siberia

2001 The State Duma, Siberian Vernisage , Moscow.

2000 Exhibition of art school of teachers, Divnogorska. Surokov Art College.

1999 Art Museum,Divnogorsk.Siberia

1999 Art Museum.Krasnoyarsk.Siberia

1998  Art Museum ,Divnogorsk,Siberia

1995 Solo exhibition, Art Museum, Strezevoi, Siberia