Workshops in Tuscany     2018

I invite artists and lovers of painting in the heart of Tuscany for the autumn session of painting 2018                            26.09.18 - 03.10.18                              05.10.18 - 12.10.18

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Наш семинар живописи в Италии-это международный проект, главной целью которого - объединить художников из разных стран мира с возможностью поделиться своими навыками в изобразительном искусстве. Ознакомить участников с особенностями европейской культуры и традиций Италии, дать возможность продемонстрировать своё творчество, расширить кругозор, а также создать условия для великолепного отдыха и творческого общения. 

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We will live in a farmhouse of the 17th century, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. It is located 400m above the sea level and it is 35km from Florence, so we can easily reach the famous Uffizi Gallery, which contains the art of the Renaissance! Moreover, we will have an amazing excursion to Arezzo - the city where two famous people were born - Petrarch and Guido D'Arezzo – the inventor of modern musical notation.

And also, the Basilica of San Francesco, where you can see the famous series of frescoes "Discovery and Proof of the True Cross " by Piero della Francesco.



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Charming spacious Tuscan farmhouse

Valpiana is the largest house of our estate and is surrounded by a beautiful vineyard in the Chianti Rufina region. It lies at 400 m on sea level, 3 km from the pretty village of Londa, 32 km from Florence. The house enjoys stunning views from all the windows looking either on the front garden with cypress trees, according to the most typical Tuscan tradition, or on the spectacular 6 acres vineyard. 

Story of Pure passion 
The estate takes its name from the famous Medieval castle of San Leolino, which ruin stands in the middle of the property, overlooking the surrounding valleys. It is located in Tuscany, at the Northern border of the Chianti region and it dates back to 1645. It was originally part of a much bigger property, belonging to the very old and wealthy Florentine family named Guadagni, from which the Dufour Bertes, current owners of the Fattoria, descend.

The first Dufour Berte at Fattoria San Leolino was Marquis Casimiro, who inherited the estate in the 1800s as the minimumamount of property due to him by law. He was in fact being punished by his parents for marrying the daughter of the servant, instead of a woman from another noble family. Casimiro was a very passionate man and was more interested in the choices of the heart than in wealth and position. It was this same passion that Casimiro invested in the Fattoria, making many improvements over the years to the entire estate. 

Marquise Maria Luisa Dufour Berte, granddaughter of Casimiro, was the owner of Fattoria San Leolino, till she departed in 2017. The estate has been in the family continuosly for over 350 years. Fattoria San Leolino today is an operating estate with 500 acres of land of which 70 acres of olive groves, 4 acres of vineyards and the majority of the rest composed of forests. 

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